Welcome to Ove Helgesen Trophy 2019

Please enjoy our video from Ove Helgesen Trophy 2018.

Get ready for a new spectacular tournament...

Ove Helgesen Trophy is held in Varden Idrettspark in Bergen, Norway. In 2019 the tournament will consist of three classes, boys 2004 - 2005 and 2006.

Matches are played during in the periode: 2`nd of August until 10`th of August 2019. The tournament is divided into two parts:

First part starts 2`nd of August and last until 5`th of August. Totally 4 days with games for 8 teams boys 2005 and 8 teams boys 2006.

Second part starts 7`th of August and last until 10`th of August. Totally 4 days with 16 teams, boys 2004.

Most popular touristdestination

It`s no tournament the 6`th of August. This day - if you a coming to join the tournament, or just finished, we would like you to experience this beautiful spot i Norway - one of Europes most spectacular cities and surroundings.

We hope you anyway find time to explore our city.

Top teams only
In Ove Helgesen Trophy, top Scandinavia temas meet top European teams. The tournament is invitational only.

This is the fourth time we arrange what is supposed to be one of the top class tournaments in Scandinavia. International teams like Tottenham Hotspurs, FC Fulham, Malaga, CSKA Moskva, Midtjylland, Legia Warzawa and Ishøj have meet top Norwegian teams.

We look forward to see you at OHT 2019!!