About us

The club
FK Fyllingsdalen (FKF) was formed in 2011 as a result of a merger between Fyllingen Fotball and Løv-Ham Fotball. The two merging clubs had rich histories before joining forces.

FKF – a player development club
Since the merger FKF has been nationally renowned for its player development program. Despite the first team’s rather modest achievements (currently competing at third tier) no Norwegian club are producing more youth internationals than FKF. In 2013 FKF won the U19 FA cup. The club also sell players to professional leagues nationally and internationally every year.

The club and the tournament
FKF owns the FKF Ove Helgesen Trophy, and hosted it for the first time in 2016. The tournament aims to be the best elite tournament in Norway, also attracting top international teams. FKFs coaches and players have a vast experience from participating in top national and international elite tournaments, and the club also have extensive experience in hosting large events.

Ove Helgesen
The tournament is named after one of the clubs greatest legends, Ove Helgesen. Helgesen passed away in 2014 at the age of 70, having lived a long life serving the club in a lot of different capacities, from youth coach to chairman. The development of Varden Idrettspark to one of Norways most complete football facilities is much thanks to the longstanding efforts of Helgesen. In 2013, Helgesen received “Nikken-prisen”, a prize the Norwegian FA awards annually to people who have contributed greatly to Norwegian football.

Tournament philosophy
At FKF Ove Helgesen Trophy we want to offer the best conditions for optimal performances for our participant clubs, players and coaches. Therefore we put great effort in providing high standards in hotel rooms, meals and transportation, as well as unique facilities and high quality pitches. We will also have a good, friendly staff of people easily accessible and available to help clubs with whatever is needed as part of your stay in Bergen. The tournament officials, referees and linesmen, will bewell qualified and experienced at this level of football.